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Case Study: WWE

MLS / Preview+ at World Wrestling Entertainment

Nesbit Systems has been selected as a key component of WWE's new digital production initiative to move to a server based HD production environment. WWE has chosen Nesbit's Media Library System (MLS) and Preview+, integrated with Grass Valley's MediaFrame, to manage their media assets. All of WWE's audio and video assets will be archived and organized with the MLS/Preview+ comprehensive media asset management system supplied by Nesbit Systems, Inc. Preview+ is a new module that is now a component of Nesbit's widely used Media Library System, which is already in use at WWE. The system provides unlimited access to over 100,000 hours (and growing) of media assets in a shared SAN.

WWE has been a long time user of the Media Library System. For WWE's new digital production environment, several key components of MLS were enhanced to support the new workflow, including implementing Nesbit's new digital asset management module, Preview+.

MLS / Preview+

Preview+ is the evolutionary extension of the Media Library System, adding asset management capabilities for digital file creation, logging, playback and tracking. Preview+ gives users the capability to access and log digital content, making MLS/Preview+ (MLS/P+) the single portal for tracking both analog and digital content.

For the new WWE project, MLS/ P+ is integrated with Grass Valley, accessing the GV lo-res digital proxies, incorporating the GV Mediaframe player and exchanging metadata between the two systems. By integrating the two systems, WWE now has a seamless asset management system that shares metadata and tracks media through the entire production life cycle, from ingest to off line storage.

The summary elements of the MLS/P+ Grass Valley integration for WWE are:

  • MLS/P+ incorporates the GV Mediaframe player.
  • Import of GV 'custom' and 'keyword' data into MLS/P+. This creates new records within MLS/P+ or updates the existing record (based on matching IDs between Nesbit and GV).
  • MLS/P+ notifying Mediaframe of database changes and updates the MediaFrame record.
  • MLS/P+ provides logging of the low-res GV ingested file.
  • MLS/P+ provides EDL clip selection.
  • MLS/P+ provides extensive search functions to find information that may have originated in GV or MLS/P+ for a fully integrated system. Searches are comprehensive, providing result sets down to the shot level.

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