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Nesbit MobileApp Streamlines IMG NY Asset Workflow

April 24, 2014

We recently installed our MLS MobileApp at IMG’s video archive operations in New York. Irene Nesbit interviewed Rob Lois, Archive Sales Executive / Library Coordinator, on how our MLS Mobile app has helped him in his asset management workflow. Rob has installed the app on his iPhone 5.

IMG Sport Video Archive manages, and distributes the archives of many prestigious events, federations and governing bodies, globally. They hold some of those collections in New York and use Nesbit to find the tapes when they license footage to customers and work on other special projects. IMG’s US-based producers are constantly recalling older material while they are preparing for the current projects, whether it be golf, figure skating, marathons, etc.

The total number of media assets IMG manages in Nesbit and either hold on-site or in storage, is around 70,000 (for the US only). IMG also has Nesbit MLS installations in London and Sydney. They cover a wide range of sports & entertainment including: action sports, athletics (marathons, strongman series, etc.), golf, motor sports, entertainment programming (award shows, parades), tennis, and winter sports (figure skating).

Once Rob receives a request for footage and finds it in Nesbit, and has the physical asset(s) they want, he scans it out to them on his iPhone5 using the MLS MobileApp. It’s usually a big batch – one to three carts full. When these tapes come back, Robert scans them in, and also scans to a box. Each tape ‘lives’ in a box – similar to a shelf assignment. At every point in the production flow Rob knows where an asset is, and can look up the location of his iPhone as well as scan the assets.

The MLS MobileApp allows Robert to move around freely, and quickly, to track assets. Unlike the remote scanner, he does not have to sync the scanner to a PC – the MobileApp eliminates the uploading step. In addition the mobile app can work off line if no network connection is available. Rob finds greater efficiency in the MobileApp in that it eliminates a step in his process.

“When our archive, production and sales teams start getting busy, its not unusual to have a high volume of tapes that need to be recalled or re-shelved. In situations like this and in my yearly clean-up project, the mobile app definitely will be asset which will help me quickly and efficiently complete my work.”

Please contact us if you would like for information on the Nesbit MLS MobileApp.

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